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Our Treatments

At Bury foot clinic we offer a variety of treatments to cater for your needs appropriately. Offering the latest treatment techniques and using the latest equipment. We also offer treatments in the comfort of your own home.


Bury Full Podiatry treatment: £32.50

This Appointment Consists of:

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery:From £250

Using a local anaesthetic to numb the toe,we would remove a section of the nail or the whole nail to cure those painful problematic nails once and for all


Biomechanical Assessment: £65

Having pain in your legs, hips or feet? Our podiatrist will assess your body's lower limb biomechanics and advise a suitable treatment to cure your aches and pains. Treatments range from off-the-shelf insoles to hand-crafted casted orthoses.



At Bury Foot clinic we offer a range of foot care products including creams,athletes foot treatments, fungal nail treatments, foot files, padding and off the shelf orthotics.